Becoming a Weekday Prepper

You don’t know how to enjoy yourself. Americans, you work too hard; you get burned out. Then you come home and spend the whole weekend in your pajamas in front of the TV.

I am well aware that starting a blog post with an Eat Pray Love quote all but admits that I am a middle-aged soccer Mom trapped in the body of a young man, but I couldn’t resist since the quote perfectly ties into the theme of today’s blog post.

In recent months, I have found that I go into each workweek feeling entirely unprepared because the weekend is primarily spent watching YouTube videos or Netflix. Far too often, I squander the free time that a weekend allows by lazing around with the intent of “making up” for my busy weekday schedule. While downtime is by no means a bad thing, my excessive resting has started to have an adverse effect since I’ve been entering each new week feeling sluggish rather than motivated and energetic. I certainly don’t relish that feeling, so I want to focus on becoming a prepper.

Chances are you’ve heard of the term “prepper” and have an image that comes to mind, so let me explain the prepper categories I am not referring to:

  • Doomsday: easily spotted by a bunker in the backyard
  • Funeral: the young, healthy person who has an itinerary and catering order for their funeral
  • Conversation: otherwise known as an overthinker

I most closely align with the conversation prepper since I have a tendency to overthink upcoming conversations to the extent that I usually have at least three scenarios already practiced before ever entering the discussion (aren’t I fun). And while I’m sure you’d love to delve deeper into the can of worms that is my overthinking, today I’d like to talk about the type of prepper I hope to become: a weekday prepper. Sure, it’s not as fear-inducing as the doomsday or as morbid as the funeral variety, but it’s something I am determined to improve by focusing on the following areas: household, dietary, and mental.

Household is the simplest, but it is oftentimes the easiest one to avoid. I want to make sure that by the time Sunday night rolls around, I have done my laundry for the week and straightened up my living space. There are few things more frustrating than trying to find an outfit for work, only to have to choose between a pile of dirty clothes or an H&M shirt seemingly meant to fit a small child. Additionally, I want to have an orderly space so I can get out of bed without feeling like I’m navigating a minefield of books and New Yorker magazines (I had to brag about that somewhere).

I set the goal to master meal prepping this year, so I plan to kick this off by outlining the foods I want to take to work. By getting everything portioned and ready to go, I can just grab my day’s meal in the morning while making my coffee. This will simplify my morning and keep me from arriving at work without food, only to then spend money by eating out. I’ve already begun working on this area, and I look forward to being able to share the strategies I develop in a future post.

Lastly, I want to make sure I am in the right headspace by the end of the weekend. While spending countless hours consuming media feels relaxing in the moment, I know it is not how I want to spend my free time. So I’m enacting a new practice of not watching anything on Sunday evenings to encourage time spent with family and reading before bed, which will allow me to wind down mentally before heading into a brand new week. This one will be difficult to start; however, this won’t be the first time I’ve decreased my media consumption, which will simplify things by allowing me to draw from an old habit rather than creating a new one.

And that, my friends, is the start of my weekday prepping. Just think, if this concept happens to be picked up by TLC for a dramatic show to rival National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers, you will be able to say you witnessed its inception. And if it doesn’t go anywhere other than this blog, you will hopefully leave with some inspiration for ways to improve your own weekend habits.

Let me know what you think!

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