25 Goals as a 25-Year-Old

As of eight days ago, I officially became a twenty-five-year-old. Since it’s often viewed as a milestone year, I considered using this post to wax poetic about how I’m now a quarter of a century old. But after some thought, I realized that’s probably been done before, so I should instead just go ahead and share this year’s list of goals:

  1. Become politically knowledgeable
  2. Befriend someone
  3. Break up with food ✔️
  4. Contribute toward someone’s education ✔️
  5. Create my own holiday traditions ✔️
  6. Don’t spend anything for one week ✔️
  7. Explore an unfamiliar city
  8. Hike a new trail*
  9. Join a club
  10. Take five professional development courses* ✔️
  11. Learn Photoshop
  12. Make homemade bagels ✔️
  13. Master meal prepping
  14. Mentor someone
  15. Pay it forward
  16. Publish a blog post once a week
  17. Read the first twenty-five books recommended in an Instagram poll
  18. Rewrite my five-year plan
  19. See how much $100 can grow
  20. Submit a short story to ten publications
  21. Take a class in an unfamiliar subject* ✔️
  22. Unplug for a weekend ✔️
  23. Use a weight room 3x a week for eight weeks
  24. Wake up at 5 a.m. for twenty-one days ✔️
  25. Watch all Best Picture winners from the previous decade

The list contains some familiar goals (publish a blog post once a week and join a club), but it also includes ones that will push me out of my comfort zone (submit a short story to ten publications), encourage a more others-focused perspective (pay it forward), and prompt me to try new habits (wake up at 5 a.m. for twenty-one days).

As mentioned in my latest post, last year’s collection of 24 goals was pushed aside because of some significant life transitions, but those are in the past, which leaves me raring to start this year’s list and begin making new memories throughout the next year of my life.

Bring it on, twenty-five!

*Moving to New York caused me to alter these marked goals that I’d set for the year I planned on living in Florida.

2 Replies to “25 Goals as a 25-Year-Old”

  1. Great list! I’m 48 and you’ve left me feeling like I need to up my game! Btw, check out 2 ingredient bagels-super easy & good and you can check it off the list!


    1. I love that! I figured, why make an end of life bucket list when I can make lists of goals to accomplish for each year of life? I HIGHLY recommend giving it a try!


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