And That’s a Wrap, Twenty-Three

I figured the best way to finish out this year of goals would be by sharing a few statistics/reflections on what I’ve written this year.

Number of blog posts this year| 52
Number of words written| 43,150 (not including the 171,912 words I journaled)
The post I wish I could rewriteLife Lessons Shared by a Twice-Moved Young Adult
The post I am most proud ofFormer Class Clowns in Cars Getting Coffee
The post I laughed out loud at That Time a Flu Shot Tested my Survival Instincts
The post I was terrified to publish| Standing at a Crossroads (Yet Again)

There you have it: my 23rd year. It was full of ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade the experiences I had for the world. It’s always great looking back because it makes me even more excited for the future. So stay tuned for a new set of goals for a brand new year of my life.

1. Say “Yes” for an entire week ✔️
2. Do something crazy ✔️
3. Read a book that intimidates me ✔️
4. Join a group ✔️
5. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up ✔️
6. Cook something impressive ✔️
7. Develop a deeper family connection ✔️
8. Get published ✔️
9. Don’t consume media for two weeks ✔️
10. Develop a workout routine that fits my style ✔️
11. Put an end to any grudges ✔️
12. Double my blog readership ✔️
13. Ski somewhere breathtaking ✔️
14. Go without dessert for 180 days ✔️
15. Go out of my way to visit a friend ✔️
16. Take a class ✔️
17. Visit Washington State ✔️
18. Use someone’s love language to make their day ✔️
19. Collaborate ✔️
20. Publish a blog post once a week ✔️
21. Define my style ✔️
22. Affirm people more often ✔️
23. Improve my handwriting

Let me know what you think!

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