Reflecting on My Faith-Based Farmer Persona

This marks my first attempt at writing a blog post that consists of me reacting to a journal entry. It’s kind of like those YouTube reaction videos, but minus the internet celebrity and visual appeal.

The university where I work is currently hosting its freshman orientation week, so I thought it would be fitting to leaf through some of my college entries. I stumbled across one from my senior year, so get ready to travel back in time (a whopping three years) to my final year of college.

I have often watched TV commercials that involve teens and young adults doing tritely adventurous things with a lot of judgment. It is hard for me not to have an attitude of annoyance when I watch a commercial of four good-looking young adults driving around the hills of California in their brand new car, eating fattening food that people who look like that never actually eat, having a war with powdered chalk, and then ending the night with a campfire. Seriously, I cannot begin to count how many times I have seen commercials that are similar to what I just described.

My reason for disliking these videos is that I do not think that they are realistic. Maybe I am wrong and there are groups of gorgeous young adults driving all over doing pointless but visually stunning activities together, but I have never come across people like that in my life. However, tonight I can say that I did something that would have come across like one of those commercials if it had been filmed.

First, can we talk about how detailed I was in my personal journal entry? I can picture myself sitting on my uncomfortable dorm bed feeling so proud of myself for having such searing takes on America’s advertising industry. But also, my ability to craft sentences that last longer than a Catholic wedding amazes me.

I was hanging out in the dorm with some of the guys when someone came in and said that it was pouring rain outside. I do not know why this interested all of us so much (I mean it’s not like we have never seen rain before), but we all went outside and stood on the dorm’s balcony to watch the rain come down in a torrential downpour. After a minute or two of contentedly watching the rain, I decided that I would go into the parking lot of the dorm and enjoy the feeling of rain pounding down on me. Side note: I love the rain so much, so this was a perfectly normal thought for me to have.

There was definitely hesitation as I prepared to step out from under the balcony roof, but I distinctly remember the moment when I thought, “Who cares what I look like? I’m going to get people out into the rain.” I certainly had a fear of looking crazy, but the thought of making lasting memories during my senior year won the battle waging in my mind.

I was the only one who went into the parking lot at first, and I looked like someone who had just escaped from the local mental health ward. The rain was energizing, and I began pretending that I was a potato farmer from a faith-based film whose crops were being saved by the incoming rain. I know, I am weird, but in my defense, it was late and I was tired. Thankfully, I was not alone for long because some other guys from the unit began making their way into the parking lot. We did a ton of crazy things in the rain such as: putting shampoo in our hair and letting the rain be a shower, running through a lawn that had turned to mud, getting into water fights with other students who had joined in the fun, and racing around the campus lake like madmen.

The fact that I was acting like a “potato farmer from a faith-based film” still gets me. Why in the world did that image come to mind when I first stepped into the rain? Oh yeah, I’d seen the Faith Like Potatoes DVD case sitting on my family’s shelf for the past nine years. Regardless, my deranged energy must have worked because people began streaming out of their dorm rooms to join my roommates and me in the downpour.

It may seem strange to derive so much pleasure from the rain, but I could not help it because I love the rain so much. In hindsight, we looked like angsty young adults from a commercial, but tonight made me start thinking that maybe those commercials are not entirely false. I think that crazy fun things can happen, it just takes someone who will step out of their comfort zone and start the fun. I hope that in the future I can have many more experiences that would be worthy of a TV commercial.

So there you have not only a peek into the psyche of my senior year self but also a look at some of the early activities that built a foundation for the adventures I try to add to my life in the present.

At the time of the rainstorm, it had been less than a year since I’d started my aptly titled blog “Most Boring Person at the Table,” and I was still trying hard to enrich my life. Since then, I have had dozens of adventures that have created lifelong memories, and I look back fondly on times like the one mentioned above when I forced myself to step out of my comfort zone to form them. And I could keep talking about this topic, but, instead, I’ll leave you with this: if ever you are faced with the chance to run into a rainstorm, go for it. I promise it will be unforgettable.

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