Ending My Positivity Challenge and Beginning a More Positive Life

Two days ago I reached the end of my month-long positivity challenge. I am happy to announce that I am now a perfectly positive, well-adjusted person *I write with gritted teeth and a plastic smile*. Ok, so I am not a paragon of positivity, but this month has been quite impactful on me and has begun changing my perspective of the world.

I started this challenge because I knew that I am far too negative. I am the person who not only sees the glass as being half empty, but also makes a remark about how it was probably made in a Chinese sweatshop and is most likely half-filled with contaminated water. I hated knowing that this is what I am like, so I decided to make it a goal to become more positive.

The challenge was for me to tackle a new aspect of positivity each week in the following order: not saying anything negative, killing my sarcasm, being a positive gossip, and counteracting my negative thoughts. To be honest, the first two weeks were very hard, and I grudgingly admit that I did a very poor job of adhering to the first two mini-challenges. Thankfully, the last two weeks were much more successful than the first two. I found it much easier and natural to add positive things into my life instead of merely removing the negative (like in the first two weeks), and this gave me hope that I can continue making these changes in the future.

My favorite part of this challenge was when I made a point to become a positive gossip. I immensely enjoyed the multiple times when I was able to talk with someone about a mutual friend and brag about how great that person is. I did this a few times, and in each each instance, I felt happy once my conversation had ended. It was always such a contrast to the feeling that I am left with after gossiping about someone, and it is a feeling that I want to replicate in the future.

This month may not seem like a smashing success to people reading about it, but to me, it was. I see how often I failed to embody a more positive persona and mindset, but I also see the little changes that began taking place. I have begun putting more thought into my words before they come out of my mouth, worked harder to see the world in a better light, and been less inclined to have conversations at the expense of others.

In the future, I want to be known for being the guy who says random, encouraging things about other people, who is passionate about people’s plans for the futures in the face of the many naysayers, and who helps people realize that a life shrouded in criticism and negativity is quite simply a miserable life to live. I have no interest in being someone oblivious to the problems of the world (trust me, I see them), but I do plan on being a person who can recognize the problems, figure out a plan to deal with the fixable ones, and then focus on the potential, not the impossible.

2 Replies to “Ending My Positivity Challenge and Beginning a More Positive Life”

  1. Being positive all the time is hard to do. It is refreshing when I meet someone who seems to be able to maintain positivity, but I think a well-balanced life does not equal a 24/7 positive outlook. Instead, I think we should strive to have continual faith, hope, and love (1 Corinthians 13:13) in God that enable us to live in way that is fully pleasing to God. A faith-grounded, hope-filled, and love-seeking life is what leads to having a more positive and joyful mentality. And, I think that’s exactly what you were getting at in your last paragraph! Thanks for the post Dan!

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